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Health Professions students should have or be pursuing a high school diploma or GED®Success  |  Winter/Spring 201813Abel Sanchez admits he stopped going to high school thinking that working everyday instead of going to school was the better way.  He quickly realized how hard he had to work just to make ends meet.  That’s why he decided to go back to school and get his high school diploma.  Abel worked a full-time job and then came to school two nights a week, including a session of summer school.  His teachers described him as an incredibly hard worker and were impressed with his dedication to work all day and come to school at night.  Abel persevered for two years and became a mem-ber of the graduating class of 2017.  During the Com-mencement Ceremony, Abel was awarded the Principal’s Scholarship and the 2017 State Director’s Scholarship.  He also shared his struggle and determination during his speech as a student speaker.  He encour-aged his classmates to embrace the positive change that their high school diploma will bring them.  Abel is embracing that change and is currently a student at Delaware Technical Community College studying civil engineering.  Abel is certainly one of our student success stories!Robin McCarter Ferreira leads our GED® program held each Tuesday and Thursday morn-ing at the Seaford District Library.  She has also taught Adult Basic Education and En-glish as a Second Language classes for us as well.  Robin previously taught elementary and middle school, but real-ly enjoys working with adult students as she helps them to reach their goals and full potential.  Robin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elemen-tary Education and Master’s degree in Applied Education-al Technology.  In her spare time, Robin is a Delaware licensed real estate agent and working on her second Master’s Degree, this time in Reading and ESOL Literacy.  Staff Highlight!Student Success Story!Are you ready to start your journey to becoming a success story?Call Sussex Tech Adult Education today! 302-856-9035

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