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Health Professions students should have or be pursuing a high school diploma or GED®Career & Technical  |  Winter/Spring 201817Non-Traditional Career TrainingToday’s workforce is continuously changing. More and more men and women are pursuing careers in non-traditional occupations. Contact Sussex Tech Adult Education Offce at 302-856-9035 for more information about Apprenticeship Training and Health Professions Training.Apprenticeship Training• Auto Tech• Carpentry  • Electrical• HVACR• Marine Mechanics• Plumbing• WeldingHealth Professions Training• Certifed Nursing Assistant • Clinical Medical Assistant• Enhanced Certifed Nursing Assist.• Medical Administrative Assistant• Medical Billing & Coding• Pharmacy Technician• Phlebotomy Technician• Rehabilitation Therapy TechnicianCall us today! 302-856-9035

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