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Apprenticeship TrainingSussex Tech Adult Education  |  302-856-903526New Student Orientations Start Aug 13, 2018New students must call Sussex Tech Adult Division at 302-856-9035 to schedule their orientation and assessment session.What is Apprenticeship?At Sussex Tech, we call it the “Other Four-Year Degree” – It is the best way to learn a skilled trade! An apprenticeship program combines daily hands-on training through your sponsoring employer with related classroom instruction in the evenings at Sussex Tech Adult Division. It is a formal system of learning and practicing your chosen career trade.State Registered ApprenticesRegardless of experience, if you are presently employed and working in your chosen occupation, your employer can sponsor you to become a State of Delaware or Maryland “State registered apprentice”. State registered apprentices who reside in Delaware or work for a Delaware company may attend the related instruction classes at Sussex Tech TUITION FREE.NOTICE:  Applicants for apprenticeship training must have a signed apprenticeship agreement by August 31st in order to qualify for tuition free training. To sponsor an employee as a “State registered apprentice,” an employer must contact the Delaware Department of Labor Apprenticeship Section (302) 761-8328. All students, including State registered apprentices, must pay a $100 non-refundable registration fee in addition to any tuition costs. Applicants will not be registered for classes until tuition fees and/or registration fees are paid. Any student who registers after the start of classes (Sep 24 or 25, 2018) will be required to pay a $25 late fee.Choose Your TradeTuition Costs• Auto Tech  NEW!• Carpentry  NEW!• Electrical Trades• HVACR• Marine Mechanics• Plumbing• WeldingIn StateWelding   $700All other Trades  $350Out of StateWelding   $1400All other Trades  $700Returning Students!Returning students early registration period starts June 1. All returning students must register for classes prior to the start of the 2018/2019 school year (Sep 24 or 25, 2018)Early RegistrationOffce HoursCall the Adult Eduction offce at 302-856-9035 for registration hours!

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