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Health Professions students should have or be pursuing a high school diploma or GED®Health  |  Winter/Spring 20183CLINICAL MEDICAL ASSISTANT CERTIFICATE(274 Hours)The purpose of the Clinical Medical Assistant program is to prepare students to assist physicians by performing functions related to the clinical aspects of the medical offce. This course covers the following key areas and topics:• Clinical responsibilities of the medical offce - assisting the physician with patient related care• Preparing patients for examination and treatment, routine procedures and diagnostic testing• HIPAA, patient confdentiality, legal aspects of healthcare, and regula-tory patient care issues• Recording and taking vital signs, blood pressure, and other patient care items related to the physician’s offce visit• Review and administration of medications, allergies, and other phar-macology related itemsWhat YOU need to know:See Page 3 for Mandatory Orientation Session.  Most books and mate-rials are included in the tuition cost. Some books will be provided for class-room use only, but are available for purchase. A criminal background check, drug screening, and one set of uniforms are included in the tuition cost.  The tuition includes one administration of the NHA certifcation exam. A payment plan of $799.75 down and $799.75 per month is available.Jan 29 - Dec 2018     M & W    6 – 9 pm    #JMAC0118       $3,199Need Tuition Assistance? Call the Department of Labor at 302-856-5230 to see if you qualify. You may also be eligible for the Governor’s Edu-cation Grant – call Ms. McAllister at Sussex Tech (302-856-9035).Gina Knapp is an instructor for the Phlebotomy Certifcation and the Clinical Medical Assistant Programs. She is an alumni of Sussex Tech and completed her Phlebotomy course in 1999. She earned her AS Degree as a Clinical Medical Assistant from DTCC, then joined the Sussex Tech Adult Ed team in July 2010. She works full time for Beebe Healthcare as a Clinical Care Assistant and Certifed Phlebotomist (ASCP). We are very proud that 100% of her last three Phlebotomy graduating classes passed their National Certifcation Exam with very high scores. Her students are always talking about how good and caring she is as an instructor.HEALTH PROFESSIONS MANDATORY ORIENTATION SESSIONSStudents registering for any of the Health Professions Certif-cate Programs are required to attend one mandatory orien-tation session prior to the start of class.  (Nursing Assistant students are exempt from this requirement.) Available Dates:  Jan 17      W      6 – 7:30 pm  Jan 22      M      6 – 7:30 pm  Jan 24      W      6 – 7:30 pm

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