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Washington, D.C. – As a guest of Senator Chris Coons (D-DE), Dr. A.J. Lathbury had the unique opportunity to share his perspective on the state of workforce development in Delaware, STEM education, and ways to provide 21st century skills for todays and tomorrow’s workers at the Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee (DSOC) meeting.
Dr. Lathbury, the Superintendent for Sussex Technical School District, was one of 14 individuals that represented a broad range of corporations, labor, academia, and local workforce boards who met with Sen. Coons, the chair of Business Outreach for the DSOC, and 14 other Senate Democrats. All of the workforce leaders gathered shared a common goal: finding ways to put people back to work.

As the Superintendent of Sussex Tech, Dr. Lathbury helps to serve the citizens of Sussex County by providing educational programming designed specifically to improve the quality of life for residents of the county. The district serves a 9th-12th grade population, an adult population, and offers early childhood care as a supplemental program in conjunction with a nonprofit organization. “Sussex Tech is committed to “Excellence in Technical, Career and Academic Education”- for our school community,” said Dr. Lathbury. “This message is emulated in everything that we do as a district and the community that we serve. We work as a team and do not accept ‘no’ as an answer. The world we live in today is in a constant state of flux and undergoing rapid evolution. Today’s workforce must be provided the educational foundation that allows them to compete in a global economy.”

Dr. Lathbury also provided the Senators and participants gathered with some background information on the forward-thinking work Sussex is doing with a sense of optimism and the hope that his district will produce qualified candidates for high-tech jobs. “Our educational systems demonstrate pockets of success throughout our country,” remarked Dr. Lathbury. “Often times we overlook the obvious. We must continue to tap into the success stories generated within, be willing to share and replicate where applicable. These success stories will demonstrate that we can do it. It is too easy to get wrapped up in the negativity, which is nonproductive. Let’s celebrate the attitude of we can and we will!”

Dr. Lathbury was grateful for his invitation from Senator Coons and the work he’s been doing to train and educate Delawareans for high skilled jobs. “Senator Coons is emblematic of forward thinking and the acknowledgment of the needs we face educationally as a nation,” Dr. Lathbury said. “His objectivity and willingness to immerse himself in the matters at hand within the State of Delaware and the nation are to be applauded. He makes the extra effort required to not only visit educational systems within Delaware, but actually spends the time to get a foundational understanding of each. It was evident that all of the Senators present were well versed and actively committed to the ongoing development of a properly prepared workforce.”

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