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Apprenticeship Training


At Sussex Tech, we call it the “Other Four Year Degree.”  It is the best way to learn a skilled trade.  An apprenticeship program combines daily hands-on training though your sponsoring employer with related classroom instruction in the evenings at Sussex Tech Adult Division.

It is a formal system of learning and practicing your chosen career trade.

Notice to Employers:

Don’t miss an opportunity to enroll your employees in apprenticeship training!

You can become a “Sponsoring Employer” and your employee(s) can become “State Registered Apprentices”…Act now to register your employee(s) with the Delaware Department of Labor Industrial Affairs Department (302) 422-1134 or the Maryland Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation (410) 767-2232 and ask to talk to an apprenticeship specialist.

Any Delaware resident who becomes a “state registered apprentice” or non resident who becomes a “state registered apprentice” and works for a Delaware company can utilize their status to attend apprenticeship classes at Sussex Tech tuition free.