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Doors Open For Groves Adult Graduate

April Cannon

“The best thing I ever did for myself” is how April Cannon describes earning her high school diploma. “My life is now falling into place and it (the diploma) really boosted my self-esteem,” says the Bridgeville resident.
April left high school at the age of 17. After several years of struggling, she decided she wanted to be a better role model for her seven-year-old daughter, Anyla.

Becoming a student at the James H. Groves Adult High School was April’s first step toward building a better life for herself and her daughter. The journey took eight months. The last two months required four nights a week traveling to classes at either the Groves’ Woodbridge or Seaford sites. Finally, she walked across the stage on August 15 to receive her high school diploma.

April only needed five credits to get her diploma. Unfortunately, four of those were in math.

“If it had not been for one of my teachers, I never would have made it,” admits April. Groves teacher, Mrs. Patti Keeton, never gave up on April. She would work with her student as long as necessary until she understood the lesson. Even Mrs. Keeton’s husband, Tom, who is also a Groves teacher, tutored April. They also kept her motivated and confident that she could do the work.

“My biggest accomplishment was when I finished Algebra II,” laughs April.
Since leaving high school in 2004, April has been working at Walmart in Georgetown. The company has a benefit plan that pays for materials when employees take educational classes. April’s ambition at work and her ambition to better her life impressed company executives so much that they offered her a promotion into management. Just one week after graduation, April found herself in an interview that has opened up a new life for her.

“I was so excited to be able to answer yes when asked if I had a high school diploma,” says April. “It was the best feeling in the world.”

On September 10, April began her new life in management training. She will be a manager at the new Denton, Md., Walmart.

Coincidentally, September 10 began National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week. The purpose of the week is to raise public awareness of adult education and family literacy, assist adult learners in need of literacy services, leverage local resources, and support increased access to adult education and family literacy programs.

“April’s success story is a testament to the importance of adult education and family literacy,” says Groves Principal, Mrs. Terri Corder. “Education can make anyone’s life better.”

April agrees with her principal. She plans to continue her education by obtaining her certification as a nursing assistant by using the scholarship she received at graduation.

“This is just the start (of a new life). There are plenty of other doors to open for me,” April anticipates with enthusiasm.


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