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Sussex Tech Adult Division Apprenticeship Training Classes Scheduled to start in October

Many motivated adults throughout Sussex County will be going back to school when October rolls around. To meet the needs of these adult students and their employers, the Sussex Tech Adult Division will offer Apprenticeship Training classes.

What is apprenticeship training?

“Apprenticeship training is, without a doubt, the best way for a person to learn a skilled trade,” said Bill Feher, Industrial Training Coordinator at the Sussex Tech Adult Division.

The Apprenticeship training program combines job site hands-on training, through a sponsoring employer, as well as “related instruction” classes two evenings per week provided by Sussex Tech. Apprenticeship training provides an incentive for self-improvement and job security. Employees who are sponsored by their employer as “State Registered” apprentices can enroll tuition free.

“Local employers also reap many benefits from this unique program,” Feher added.

Apprenticeship training provides a systematic form of training and develops a more informed employee who fits into the company structure. It also ensures that standards of the trade are met. Finally, apprenticeship training reduces employer training costs and helps develop a more competent employee who is capable of advancing to more responsible positions within the company.

Apprenticeship classes beginning this October will be offered in the following trade areas: Auto Mechanics, Early Care and Education, Electrical, HVACR, Industrial Maintenance Mechanics, Marine Mechanics, Plumbing, and Welding.

New enrollees must attend an orientation/registration session that will be held before classes begin. Call the Sussex Tech Adult Division at (302) 856-9035 for orientation dates or more information.


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