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Sussex Tech Security Team Complete Crisis Management Training


Members of the Sussex Tech Security Team recently completed training in Crisis Management for School-Based Incidents, partnering with rural law enforcement, first responders, and local school systems. The purpose of the training was to educate rural law enforcement personnel as well as school administrators and other staff on the elements that must be in place to effectively respond to an emergency at a school building or throughout an entire school system. With the influx of shootings in and around schools, law enforcement personnel and other emergency responders in rural communities are often limited in their resources; therefore, it is extremely important for all parties to plan, prepare, and communicate. By doing so, all schools, including Sussex Tech, will be safer and more secure.
The following topics were covered throughout the course:

• School-Based Safety Teams
• Vulnerability Assessment
• Threat-Assessment Management
• Domestic Threats
• Workplace Violence
• After-Action Review
• Parent Reunification
• Recovery Efforts
• Training Tools and Resources.

The course was hosted by the Delaware Department of Emergency Management (DEMA) and presented by Tim Maloney of Findlay University in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). As part of Sussex Tech’s mission toward excellence, crisis management and school safety play a major part in ensuring the well being of all students and staff. Furthermore, Sussex Tech is committed to providing a safe and secure climate through ongoing professional development and training for staff, and to consistently seek ways to improve the school climate and environment so that both students and staff can engage in meaningful learning.


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