As a service to our families, Sussex Technical High School provides activity buses for students involved in after-school activities, including athletics, band, and Techademic Coaching. The buses leave school at 6:05 p.m. and drop students off at designated points on seven routes around the county. They do not bring students to their homes; parents and guardians are responsible for students after drop-off. The regular activity bus schedule begins Monday, August 26, the first day of school.

August Activity Bus

Activity buses will begin to run August 12 only for students involved in athletics, band or other approved activities. The buses do not run the same time every day; refer to the schedule below.

Activity Bus Rules

  • Students must be involved in a school-run after-school activity to utilize the activity bus service.
  • Riding the activity bus is a privilege and is not to be abused.
  • All riders must sign in with the driver every time they ride.
  • The stop times may vary due to traffic, ridership, etc.
  • Any questions about this schedule should be referred to your student’s coach or advisor.