• What should I do when I have an absent note to turn in?
    If you have been absent and have a doctor’s note, legal note, or a parent note, please turn the note in by placing it in the box labeled “Attendance Notes” outside of the Attendance Office. Notes must include: current date, student’s full name, absence date(s), reason for absence, parent name and signature, and parent contact phone number.


  • What should I do when I need an early dismissal?
    Bring your parent note to Mrs. Allen at the attendance desk outside the Attendance Office before 8:30 AM. Note must include: your full name, the date, the time for the dismissal, the reason for leaving, who is picking you up, parent name, parent signature, and parent contact phone number. Mrs. Allen will give you an early dismissal slip. If Mrs. Allen is not at the desk, please take your note to Mrs. Allen in the main office. Upon entering class, you must show your early dismissal slip to the teacher whose class you will be leaving. After leaving class, you must report to the main office to sign out and then to the security area to meet your ride.


  • What should I do when I arrive late to school?
    Upon arrival at school you must report directly to the high school office and give Mrs. Allen your late note and sign in. She will give you a late slip to enter class. If you have do not have a note from a doctor, parent, or guardian your late arrival will be unexcused. If you accumulate two unexcused late arrivals per marking period you could receive a suspension after school.


  • Is there an attendance requirement to play in an athletic contest?
    If you participate in a sport, please be aware that you must be in school before 12:00 noon or have a doctor or legal note in order to participate in practices or games.


  • Am I allowed to miss school in order to visit a college?
    We encorage our students to continue their education beyond Sussex Tech. Therefore, we support students visiting prospective colleges/universities. Students who are juniors or seniors are allowed time to visit prospective colleges/universities without having the absences affect their attendance. Juniors are allowed three days for college visits and seniors are allowed three days for college visits as well. You are required to bring back documentation from the college admissions office verifying your visit with them.


  • Do family trips during the school year affect my attendance?
    Please be aware: any days missed due to a family trip accumulate and count toward your attendance limits. When possible, we encourage you to plan family activities during our scheduled school holiday closings.


  • What about other questions I may have concerning attendance?
    If you have any questions concerning attendance, please stop in and see Mr. Marvel in the attendance office or Mrs. Allen in the main office. We will be glad to assist you.