Who is eligible to participate?


Cohort program participation is open to entering juniors and requires 80% overall grade average.
Elective program participation is open to juniors and seniors. However, juniors and seniors must have an 80% overall grade average in order to take full advantage of the elective program. Seniors with an overall grade average under 80% will only be permitted to take one Arts and Sciences and one education course; a total of two courses. Juniors with an overall grade average under 80% will not be able to participate until their senior year.


All students who wish to participate in the ECCP programs must have signed parent permission. In addition, all student participants will be required to attend the College Orientation and Acceleration program at Sussex Technical High School, and must successfully complete related end-of-year and summer assignments.


What are the benefits of enrolling in ECCP courses?


Students who enroll and successfully complete ECCP courses will earn both three college credits and one high school credit for each course. Earned college credits are free to Sussex Technical High School students and will be accepted by Widener University. These credits may be transferrable to other colleges and universities.

Students who participate in these programs will also have the opportunity to experience college-level course pacing and academic demands. Therefore, these students may be better prepared for success during their post-secondary education.


How is ECCP coursework different from AP courses?


The main difference between ECCP coursework and AP coursework is the length of the courses. ECCP courses are completed during a single semester, just like normal college courses. AP courses are a full year in length. Successful ECCP course and AP exam completion are considered the equivalent work of a one-semester college course. Both successful AP course and college course completion demonstrate to potential colleges that your student is prepared for the rigors of college.


For information contact the Sussex Tech Admissions Office at (302) 856-0961