Rumors about Tech dropping programs are untrue

Sussex Technical High School is not dropping any AP, dual-enrollment, arts, music, or JROTC programs.

Like many of you, we have heard false rumors stating that Tech is eliminating those valuable and important opportunities for our students. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We are firmly committed to preparing students for their future, and that includes both career- and college-bound graduates. As long as sufficient students sign up for courses, we will offer them. Fact Check

Sussex Tech is proud of the opportunities that Advanced Placement courses and Widener University and Delaware Technical Community College dual-enrollment courses give to our students, and those programs are still being offered with no changes planned.

Sussex Tech is also proud of our related programs, such as band, choir, visual arts, and JROTC classes, and there are no changes planned to any of those. They will continue to be offered as part of the academic curriculum and not moved to after-school, extracurricular status. They provide our students with opportunities to be well-rounded citizens with an appreciation for the arts and military service.

Again, these rumors that Sussex Tech is eliminating AP, dual-enrollment, arts, music or JROTC programs are flatly false. If you hear them in the community, please share this information. If you have any questions, please contact

The rumors likely come from a misunderstanding about our connection with the Academic Challenge program through Delaware Tech. Academic Challenge will no longer be an option for incoming students beginning with the Class of 2023; students currently enrolled at Tech will be able to complete the program if desired. Our AP and dual-enrollment courses already offer significant opportunities for students to obtain college credit.

It is true that Sussex Tech is changing: We are putting more of an emphasis on our career-technical areas and creating new opportunities for practical, hands-on career experiences. You will hear more about that in the coming weeks and months. We are happy to be able to tell that part of the Sussex Tech story and celebrate our students’ successes in their technical areas.