Q&A – Gabrielle Guy, Laurel, Sussex Technical High School 2019 salutatorian


How would you describe your four years at Sussex Tech?

The last four years at Sussex Tech have given me the opportunity to grow in ways that I never imagined. I have been exposed to new friends and made many positive memories. This school has left me with a strong education that will aid in my future education. Gabrielle Guy

Why did you want to attend a career-technical high school? How has this experience made a difference in your trajectory or plans?

I knew that I wanted to attend a career-technical high school to broaden my knowledge in ways outside of the classroom. In choosing Sussex Tech, I was able to alter my career trajectory from a doctor to an oral surgeon. Many other schools do not have the option to take Dental classes, while Sussex Tech does. This pathway helped me to explore the dental field and realize that this was truly my calling in life. I was able to narrow down my career choices because of the hands-on and detailed options that Sussex Tech offered me.

What has been your best memory (or memories, if you can’t choose) from the last four years?

My best memories from Tech were attending each of the football games under the Friday Night Lights. Everyone at our school united together to cheer on our team and to have a good time. These were some of the best moments of high school that I will greatly miss.

What advice would you give to incoming students to make the most of their high school experience and education?

To make the most of the high school experience, I would tell the incoming students to stay focused, yet make sure to have time to be yourself. High school is challenging, but it is also the time where we meet some of our best friends and make the greatest memories. Go to that dance, talk to that new person, study hard for that test, join that club … Do not fear other people’s opinions. Be you! These four years will be the quickest of your life, and do not take them for granted. Always keep the end goal in mind, but remember to have fun as you work to achieve it!