What is JROTC?

JROTC is an elective class that is offered for up to four years beginning with Leadership Education Training โ€“ 1 (LET-1). The course provides academic credit just as any other elective course in high school. The curriculum emphasis is on citizenship, leadership, teamwork and personal responsibility. Students are required to wear uniforms once a week. These uniforms are provided to the students free of charge so long as they are returned at the end of the year or whenever they leave the program.

JROTC students are a cross-section of the student body as a whole. However, most teachers and administrators will tell you that JROTC students are more self-disciplined and motivated than their counterparts who do not take JROTC. We seek to instill positive personal morals, respect and responsibility. These are characteristics that carry our students throughout their high school years and into adult life.

A common denominator for JROTC students is their level of involvement in school sponsored extra-curricular activities and community service. It is generally recognized that students involved in wholesome activities tend to present fewer problems at school and at home. JROTC provides opportunities to become involved in after school activities like Raider Team, Air Rifle Team, Drill Team, and Color Guard.

JROTC Mission Statement
โ€œTo motivate young people to be better citizens.โ€