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Questions? See our F.A.Q. below.

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Raven Eyes Studio Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Raven Eyes Studio?
A: The Raven Eyes studio is a learning lab for Photography II students. All school portraits are taken by the teacher or Photography II students, and then the portraits are placed on the school’s website for review and purchase. Individual portraits require the student’s Sussex Tech I.D. to view. Student-life photos are taken by students at events. All photos that appear on the Raven Eyes site are the intellectual property of Sussex Technical High School and copyrighted.

Q: When and how can I view my portraits and student life, sports and academic photographs?
A: Photographs will appear on the Raven Eyes website located on the school’s webpage. If you prefer your likeness to NOT appear on the Raven Eyes web site, please contact Ms. Vadnais.

Q: Will my pictures be Photoshopped?
A: The only editing will be basic color correction. If students wish to have additional adjustments to their photographs, they should talk to Ms. Vadnais.

Q: How do I choose what image I want in the yearbook?
A: Go on the Raven Eyes website and choose the image you want in the Evermore yearbook and email Ms. Vadnais the image number at nicole.vadnais@sussexvt.k12.de.us.

Q. If I have further questions, whom should I contact?
A. Further questions should be directed to Ms. Vadnais, nicole.vadnais@sussexvt.k12.de.us.