On May 24, 2018, Sussex Tech HS was invited to Poly Tech to participate in the 2018 Governor’s Youth Volunteer Services Awards. Nancy Massaro: STHS DE Vol Credit Coordinator, was given the “Visionary Award” honoring the many STHS students outstanding volunteer effort in Sussex County. The Honorable John C. Carney, Governor and Representative Kenton were the two dignitaries who awarded the various winners that evening.

The Governor offered his remarks by stating:

… As Governor, one of my priorities is to prepare Delaware’s children to succeed. The young people who we are honoring tonight serve as both an example of what we need to do to create a successful Delaware for future generations and how to ultimately achieve that success.

Many of the 2018 honorees spearheaded activities to raise money for local non-profits. Others encouraged and actively assisted fellow classmates to prepare for college. Some looked at our landscapes and waterways and saw needs to which they could respond. Several recipients advocated for the most vulnerable populations in our communities, including people who are homeless, veterans and children in a variety of medical settings….

Awards were offered in the following categories:

Arts and Culture, Community Service, Education, Environment, Health and Special Needs, Human Needs, Social Justice and Advocacy, and the Visionary Award. The Visionary Award is presented to the high school in each DE county with the most students receiving the DE Volunteer Credit in 2017-18 academic school year. Sussex County’s Sussex Tech earned this award for the 2873 hours that 14 students volunteered. These students should be recognized for their outstanding effort:


  • Kaitlynn Adkins
  • Reina Carder
  • Amy Craft
  • Jared Kay
  • Kristine Angela Mood
  • Hannah O’Hare
  • Tyler Robbins
  • Claire Marie Trimble
  • Jacob Wilson


  • Camryn Courtney
  • Onaedo Okoye
  • Madison Shifflet
  • Alyssa Thawley
  • Gavin Walter


  • Alexis Birdsong
  • Chelsea Walter